Make American Great Again—Trump Must Go! #33

As a series of hurricanes trouble our nation they bring a massive swirl of distractions, all of which takes our eyes off the dangers our president brings daily. We still have not overcome his move to rescind DACA, and this is a decision that may loom much longer than the storms raging on the horizon. In short, let’s not ignore Hurricane Donald that is beyond category because there’s no way to accurately assess the damage his administration portends in our lives as he enters his 10th month. Already we are reeling from an intemperate leader with little regard for the well-being of even those at his base, many of them still with wool over their eyes. We may have some terrible days ahead of us, and along with the menace of climate change we have a man who is no respecter of scientific proof and heedless of the perils we face. Of greater concern is the danger under his thumb, the absolute ruthless plans at his disposal. We need not extend this warning any further—it should be clear by now the hazards at his beck and call, and only those flag-waving, mindless followers seem to be caught in his cloak-and-dagger machinations. Soon the winds off shore and those now making landfall are sure to calm and moments of serenity will be ours. But, unfortunately, we will still have to batten down for Hurricane Donald, and that alone is reason that to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!