Make America Great Again: Trump Must Go! #32

As if we needed another brutal reminder of President åTrump’s insensitivity and egregious disregard for the welfare of others, he went ahead with his plan to cancel the DACA program, one that President Obama established to protect the thousands of undocumented children, the “Dreamers” from deportation.

We can add this vile inhumane move to an accumulating number of Trump transgressions, his often unconstitutional, anti-democratic, open hostility to anything related or connected to the previous occupant of the Oval Office.

The timing of his latest executive authority, a direct rebuke of Obama’s order, could not come at a worse time for many of the immigrants, who are still trying to pull their lives together after the massive hit from Hurricane Harvey.

It was our opinion that Trump’s arrival in Corpus Christie, Texas after the storm was a case of one disaster meeting another, and the human disaster now with the protections removed from the “Dreamers” might have a lingering effect as long as that of the hurricane.

When Houston’s mayor and other government officials announced that nothing would be done to the illegal immigrants in this time of crisis, we heard the opposite from Trump, and unlike many of his other promises, he seems intent on keeping this one.

To expect a Republican Congress to come to the rescue and rescind Trump’s decision holds about the same chance as one of us hitting the Mega Millions lottery jackpot.

Although it’s delightful to hear that several of the important GOP leaders have voiced their opposition to the cancellation, many more are needed to turn back a punishing blow from the president.

Again, removal or deportation of the undocumented immigrants will have a deleterious impact on the economy, particularly where these immigrants have played such a decisive role in jobs that other workers avoid.

But it’s less a matter of needing their labor than one of human decency, and that word is as foreign to Trump’s vocabulary as affirmative action, Black Lives Matter and sanctuaries.

Trump is once more trampling on the lives of nearly a million people who have, for the most part, made a huge contribution to the American way, and we do believe that most of them are in agreement with us that to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!