The president’s wall

If the president’s vast wall is successfully constructed, it will immediately convert the land of the free into the world’s largest and most populated maximum security prison. Life behind the wall will no longer be exclusive to convicted felons. Police officers will organically morph into correctional officers. Politicians will naturally phase into probation/parole board members. And the president himself will be the warden of this American sweeping penal institution.

We must read, with critical and scrutinizing eyes, the handwriting that will most certainly be inscribed on this particular political cemented wall. At its core, it will be designed to lock people out of the United States. However, as an unintended consequence, the wall will simultaneously incarcerate the movements of American citizens by political reciprocity of hostile governments, offended allies and millions of countrymen.

In furtherance, the president appears oblivious to the central fact that all Americans do not have a red heart, white face and blue eyes. In Black America, simple traffic tickets have already warranted hundreds of death sentences. Once the wall is erected, ICE agents are sure to freeze immigration. And Islam, a religion that peacefully brought a million Black men together, has already been banned.

Escape is futile because many of us have faithfully handcuffed ourselves to the descendants of those who shackled our legs, manacled our hands and wrists and arrested our minds. Unfortunately, Trump is not Humpty Dumpty, because this erratically impatient president refuses to sit on this wall.

Subsequently, at this point, we can only hope and pray that, similar to his aforementioned namesake, Humpty Trumpty will have a great fall!