Horoscope: October 5 - October 26

Manisha Koushik | Astrologer, Tarot Card Reader, Numberologist, Vatsu and Feng Shui Consultant | 10/5/2017, 2:34 p.m.
Find out what that star say about what's in store for your future.
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March 21-April 21

You will experience some delay in an ongoing project at work, but you will complete it on time. You will have a pleasant surprise this week. Your lover’s proximity will get you into a romantic mood. Socially you will need to be assertive to get your way. Financially, you will remain in a comfortable situation as money flows in. Lucky Number: 9; Lucky Color: Pink


April 22-May 21

You will need help from someone who is generally not cooperative. You will have a satisfying period, both professionally and monetarily. Not catering to your partner’s mood will create an ugly scene. You will have to spend for something you badly need, so vacation plans will have to be shelved. A sporting activity will bring back your energy and strength. Lucky Number: 3; Lucky Color: Beige


May 22-June 21

Soft pedaling an important issue will get you into trouble at work, so give it the priority it deserves. You will need assistance in completing a project, so don’t be reluctant to ask for help. A money-losing venture will hurt your finances. Your advice to youngsters will be rejected. Getting back into shape should be a priority for you. Lucky Number: 5; Lucky Color: Bluish Green


June 22-July 23

A financial opportunity that looked good is not the right opportunity for you. You will end up losing the money you invested in stocks, so do something about the situation before it gets out of hand. Networking will bring a prized opportunity within reach, but you must generate enthusiasm among family members before taking up the new venture. Lucky Number: 1; Lucky Color: Pink


July 24-August 23

Extra work will affect what you currently have on your plate at the office this week. You will waste time trying to get an appointment with someone important. Limit your social interaction and devote more time to work. To improve your skills. find out if you have an aptitude for and move ahead. Following the example of your peers in exercising regularly will improve your health. Lucky Number: 15; Lucky Color: Sea Green


August 24-September 23

You will try to get your way at work, but someone will not allow you to do so. Your impulse to splurge with your hard-earned money needs to be controlled, even though it is not easy. You need to communicate more with your partner. Socially, you are envious of someone who is gaining popularity. Your health needs care. Lucky Number: 17; Lucky Color: Violet


September 24-October 23

Your professional competence will make you one of the top few in your organization. Financially, you will go from strength to strength. Buying new property is possible. You will overcome the problems you face in organizing a prestigious event. A surprise on the romantic front will delight you. Traveling with friends will be lots of fun. Lucky Number: 2; Lucky Color: Pink