Farrakhan’s minister responds to Trump

Minister Louis Farrakhan’s New York representative, Minister Abdul Hafeez Muhammad, added his voice to the growing crescendo of those rejecting President Trump’s attack on NFL players who are following quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s kneel protest against rampant police brutality in the United States. Speaking at Harlem’s Muhammad Mosque No. 7, Muhammad warned against emotional reactions to the president; instead, he stated that Trump’s actions reveal a long, deep-seated mindset among Americans.

“There’s a mindset that’s been present,” he explained, “existing, but not exposed during the prior administrations of President Clinton and Bush, and would have manifested with Mrs. Hillary Clinton, if she had won. God wanted Trump to be in the seat in order to show Black people the hidden feelings in America because Trump reflects a vast community of people, not just himself.”

Muhammad asserted that the treatment of Kaepernick was a “modern day lynching” reinforced by the president’s implied warning to other Black players to appreciate their millions, “stay in their place and behave, or warrant, and, if not, warrant the tag of being called a son of a female dog.”

He concluded, “This points to the warning of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, to seek independence or suffer humiliation and death at the hands of those who don’t respect nor love you.”

Muhammad called his lecture a warmup to the upcoming appearance of Farrakhan at Newark’s Symphony Hall Sunday, Oct. 15, to celebrate the anniversary of the Million Man March.