Protect your health by eating these powerhouse foods

Apples: Protect hearts, prevent constipation, block diarrhea, improve lung capacity and cushion joints.

Apricots: Combat cancer, control blood pressure, save eyesight, shield against Alzheimer’s and slow the aging process.

Artichokes: Aid digestion, lower cholesterol, protect hearts, stabilize blood sugar and guard against liver disease.

Avocados: Battle diabetes, lower cholesterol, help stop strokes, control blood pressure and smooth skin.

Bananas: Protect hearts, quiet coughs, strengthen bones, control blood pressure and block diarrhea.

Beans: Prevent constipation, help hemorrhoids, lower cholesterol, combat cancer and stabilize blood sugar.

Beets: Control blood pressure, combat cancer, strengthen bones, protect hearts and aid weight loss.

Blueberries: Combat cancer, protect hearts, stabilize blood sugar, boost memory and prevent constipation.

Broccoli: Strengthens bones, saves eyesight, combats cancer, protects hearts and controls blood pressure.

Cabbage: Combats cancer, prevents constipation, promotes weight loss, protects hearts and helps hemorrhoids.

Cantaloupe: Saves eyesight, controls blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, combats cancer and supports the immune system.

Carrots: Save eyesight, protect hearts, prevent constipation, combat cancer and promote weight loss.

Cauliflower: Protects against prostate cancer, combats breast cancer, strengthens bones, banishes bruises and guards against heart disease.

Cherries: Protect hearts, combat cancer, end insomnia, slow aging process and shield against Alzheimer’s.

Chestnuts: Promote weight loss, protect hearts, lower cholesterol, combat cancer and control blood pressure.

Chili peppers: Aid digestion, sooth sore throats, clear sinuses, combat cancer and boost immune system.

Figs: Promote weight loss, help stop strokes, lower cholesterol, combat cancer and control blood pressure.

Fish: Protects hearts, boosts memory, protects hearts, combats cancer and supports immune system.

Flax: Aids digestion, battles diabetes, protects hearts, improves mental health and boosts the immune system.

Garlic: Lowers cholesterol, controls blood pressure, combats cancer, kills bacteria and fights fungus.

Grapefruit: Protects against heart attacks, promotes weight loss, helps stop strokes, combats prostate cancer and lowers cholesterol.

Grapes: Save eyesight, conquer kidney stones, combat cancer, enhance blood flow and protect hearts.

Green tea: Combats cancer, protects hearts, helps stop strokes, promotes weight loss and kills bacteria.

Honey: Heals wounds, aids digestion, guards against ulcers, increases energy and fights allergies.

Lemons: Combat cancer, protect hearts, control blood pressure, smooth skin and stop scurvy.

Limes: Combat cancer, protect hearts, control blood pressure, smooth skin and stop scurvy.

Mangoes: Combat cancer, boost memory, regulate thyroid, aid digestion, shield against Alzheimer’s.

Mushrooms: Control blood pressure, lower cholesterol, kill bacteria, combat cancer and strengthen bones.

Oats: Lower cholesterol, combat cancer, battle diabetes, prevent constipation and smooth skin.

Olive Oil: Protects hearts, promotes weight loss, combats cancer, battles diabetes and smoothes skin.

Onions: Reduce the risk of heart attack, combat cancer, kill bacteria, lower cholesterol and fight fungus.

Oranges: Support immune systems, combat cancer, protect hearts, straighten respiration.

Peaches: Prevent constipation, combat cancer, help stop strokes, aid digestion, help hemorrhoids.

Peanuts: Protect against heart disease, promote weight loss, combat prostate cancer, lower cholesterol (but aggravate diverticulitis).

Pineapple: Strengthens bones, relieves colds, aids digestion, dissolves warts and blocks diarrhea.

Prunes: Slow aging process, prevent constipation, boost memory, lower cholesterol and protect against heart disease.

Rice: Protects hearts, battles diabetes, conquers kidney stones, combats cancer and helps stop strokes.

Strawberries: Combat cancer, protect hearts, boost memory and calms stress.

Sweet potatoes: Save eyesight, lift mood, combat cancer and strengthen bones.

Tomatoes: Protect prostates, combat cancer, lower cholesterol and protect hearts.

Walnuts: Lower cholesterol, combats cancer, boosts memory, lift moods and protect against heart disease.

Water: Promotes weight loss, combats cancer, conquers kidney stones and smoothes skin.

Watermelon: Protects prostates, promotes weight loss, lowers cholesterol, helps stop strokes and controls blood pressure.

Wheat germ: Combats colon cancer, prevents constipation, lowers cholesterol, helps stop strokes and improves digestion.

Yogurt: Guards against ulcers, strengthens bones, lowers cholesterol, supports immune systems and aids digestion.