November Dance Calendar

This month’s calendar begins with the world premiere of Preeti Vasudevan’s “Stories by Hand,” created and performed by Vasudevan, at New York Live Arts, Nov. 2 to Nov. 4. This “…solo work search[es] for an individual identity through stories which are personal, mythical, and social, narrated through the continuous placement and displacement of gestures affected by memory,” according to the release. “The work takes the hand gestures of Bharatanatyam (classical Indian dance) as the basis for a storytelling dance-theater interweaving East and West, past and present, the mythic and the everyday.” In just one hour, and in three sections, “Relationships,” “Dancing Body” and a third unnamed, Vasudevan and collaborators, literary dramaturg Paul Kaiser, lighting designer Robert Wiezel and composer Paul Jacob, create a mix of language, music and dance to tell “…witty, poignant, and tragic stories.” For more information, visit


Nov. 2—For one-night-only, the all-male, hip-hop FLY Dance Company will hold a children’s show at Kumble Theater, presented by Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts. For more information, visit

Nov. 2-Nov. 6—Ali Rosa-Salas curates “Break Time” as part of BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchanges’ annual festival of queer and trans artists of color, with Akeema-Zane, bklyn boihood, Elliott Jerome Brown Jr., Erick Hernandez, Katrina Reid, Kenny Rivero, Jonathan Gonzalez, MINKA brooklyn, Natalie Sablon, Rena Anakwe, Shala Heather Miller, YATTA and many more. For more information, visit

Nov. 3—For one night only at Hostos Center for the Arts & Culture at Hostos Community College, and as part of the CUNY Dance Initiative, the Sekou McMiller Dance Company will premiere “I am Pulse: Afro Latin Jazz and Soul Experience” and other works. For more information, visit

Nov. 3—As part of the BlakTinX Performance Series at BAAD! and Pepatian/BAAD!’s “Dance Your Future” residency, funded by the Jerome Foundation, Maleek Washington will share work “…rooted in reflective narrative and mapping…through the lens of the Black male experience in America,” notes the release. For more information, visit

Nov. 3-Nov. 4—Miro Magloire’s New Chamber Ballet brings the premiere and expanded “Bach,” plus repertory works “Morning Song” and “Lace,” all by Magloire, and more. For more information, visit

Nov. 3-Nov. 5—The Dance Gallery Festival returns for its 11th season at Gelsey Kirkland Arts (Nov. 3) and the Ailey Citigroup Theater (Nov. 4-5), with works by Alvin Ailey dancer Sean Aaron Carmon, Rohan Bhargava/Rovaco Dance (NYC) and Nicole von Arx/NVA and guests (New York, Switzerland). For more information, visit

Nov. 4—In a shared evening titled “Winds of Resistance” at BAAD!, Staycee Pearl and Milteri Tucker of Bombazo Dance Co. come together. For more information, visit

Nov. 4—At JACK, as part of the yearlong series, “Reparations365, RAKIA!,” choreographer and dancer Rakia Seaborn will present “myeyesdontcrynomore,” in which she “…inverts playground routines into the language with which a trio of dancers communicates with the Black women who died too soon,” notes the release. For more information, visit

Nov. 4-Nov. 12—As part of the 12th annual Latin American Cultural Week, there will be performances by the Calpulli Mexican Dance Company and Shall We Tango, a series of milongas, performances, seminars and classes on tango, with masters Gabriel Misse and Carla Espinoza. For more information, visit