Academy focuses spotlight on music and sound

There is a notion that all the work that’s done by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is aimed at producing the speculator Oscar celebration, but there is much, much more to know about the Academy than just the pursuit of the famed gold man, Oscar.

The importance of sound is a vital part of making a good movie great and a great movie iconic. The Academy is also hip—you dig it—and will delve into the world of hip-hop and its unique impact on cinema with their Hip-Hop Film Retrospective, which will include a panel discussion with

veteran sound artists.

Interested? Tantalized? Perfect! New Yorkers, you are in for a treat with a series being presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences that touch on the very subject. Starting May 20, in venues around New York, the academy presents Spotlight on Crafts: Music & Sound, a series that will illuminate the art of sound for motion pictures and the significant influence it has in film and will include onstage conversations and screenings

of acclaimed films.

Screening information is as follows:

“The Adventures of Robin Hood” (1938)

Saturday, May 20, Film Forum, 209 W. Houston St. in New York City

Co-presented by Film Forum, featuring special guests Ben Burtt and Craig Barron

Join Oscar-winning visual effects supervisor Craig Barron and Oscar-winning sound designer Ben Burtt as they deconstruct the extraordinary artistry behind “The Adventures of Robin Hood,” with a special emphasis on matte painting and sound effects, including a recreation of the archery tests that went into finding that just right “zing” sound.

“We’ll Fix It in the Mix: An Evening With Lee Dichter and Tom Fleischman”

May 23, MoMA, 11 W. 53rd St. in New York City

Hosted by Supervising ADR Editor Deborah Wallach

Join re-recording mixers Lee Dichter and Oscar-winner Tom Fleischman for a discussion about their combined 90 years in the sound business. The two will share stories from their most challenging films and talk about the process that gave these films their final sound design. The conversation will be moderated by film journalist Joe Neumaier and will feature clips from their respective filmographies.

“Made You Look: Four Decades of Hip-Hop’s Impact in Cinema”

June 6, 13, 20 and 27, SVA Theater, 333 W. 23rd St. in New York City

Co-presented by Martha Diaz of the Hip-Hop Education Center

“Made You Look” traces the 35-year rise of hip-hop culture in film and hip-hop’s media presence from its independent roots to the global force it is today. “Made You Look” is guest curated by hip-hop scholar and archivist Martha Diaz, who has selected one movie to represent each decade, showing the evolution of hip-hop’s image and narrative from that period. Diaz will contextualize each film with a 10-minute introduction and moderate a post-screening discussion with special guest speakers.

Tuesday, June 6—The 1980s, represented by “Wild Style,” directed by Charlie Ahearn. Post-screening Q&A with Ahearn.

Tuesday, June 13—The 1990s, represented by “Menace II Society,” directed by the Hughes brothers.

Tuesday, June 20—The 2000s, represented by “8 Mile,” directed by Curtis Hanson.

Tuesday, June 27—2010s, represented by “Nas: Time Is Illmatic,” directed by One9. Post-screening Q&A with One9 and writer Erik Parker.

“Layers: How to Build a Soundtrack From the Ground Up”

June 15, MoMA, 11 W. 53rd St. in New York City

Come see (and hear!) how an accomplished team of veteran artists use multiple layers of sound to enhance the mood of a film, serve the director’s vision and seamlessly drive the story forward. Panelists will show rough scenes from films they have worked on and illustrate how the final sound design was conceived and created.

Special guests are Philip Stockton (supervising sound editor and dialogue editor), Eugene Gearty (supervising sound editor and effects designer), Paul Hsu (supervising sound editor and re-recording mixer), Suzana Peric (music editor) and Deborah Wallach (supervising ADR editor). The program is moderated by film journalist Joe Neumaier.

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