Trump should/won’t resign

Here’s a little hypothetical scenario for you to ponder. Trump resigns over threat of impeachment from charges of obstruction of justice and cover-up.

Pence becomes president.

Pence is found to be more than complicit in Trump’s cover-up and resigns under Spiro Agnew’s “nolo contendere.”

As Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan assumes the presidency. He begins organizing the privatization of Social Security and Medicare, his favorite pursuits.

In any event, the disaster of Republican control continues.

I know Trump will never resign. He will have to be dragged out of the White House kicking and screaming.

But we know that for a span of 40 years, Republicans were unable to get control of the House. Now we see why. Blind ambition on their part has driven our political systems amok.

It is what you get when Republicans dominate the government. Right now, Mitch McConnell is looking for a reason to justify nuking the entire Senate, which will give Republicans absolute power.

However, I guarantee, as soon as this situation begins affecting the bond market and U.S. Treasury bills, they’re all out.

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