Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go! #6

President Donald Trump’s obsession with former President Obama took another sudden, but no less bewildering, erratic turn last week when he claimed his predecessor had wiretapped his phones during the last election. The charge was just as fallacious and unsubstantiated as his birther rant when he claimed that Obama was not born in the United States.

To tweet that a former president had his phones tapped takes the Trump lunacy to a new plateau of idiocy. First of all, he clearly has no idea about the process of wiretapping. The president is not authorized to conduct such an act. Wiretapping requires a court order, which has to be approved by the attorney general. The court that authorizes the surveillance is the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

It becomes a question, then, whether Trump is ignorant of this fact or, like so much of his reckless behavior, he just doesn’t care. Probably a combination of both.

But back to the allegation against Obama.

Of all the people he could have falsely accused, why Obama? At bottom, the claim is merely a distraction, a way of throwing the hounds off the trail, a way of letting off steam after his attorney general—without his approval—recused himself from any involvement in the Russian debacle, another way to steer the media away from the poorly conceived immigration plan on refugees and predominantly Muslim countries. One more delusional moment to blame a Black man.

Like his address before the Joint Congress, where he faked a presidential pose, to drag Obama’s name back into the spotlight is really a MacGuffin, a diversion, an element of misdirection that Alfred Hitchcock often used in his movies.

While the media and the world is focused on his accusation, Trump has temporarily obscured his missteps as well as the bumbling moves of his surrogates, be they Jeff Sessions, Ben Carson or Betsy DeVos.

We can expect more rope-a-dope from Trump, to switch to the world of boxing, but it’s hard to believe he can top the recent inanity, though he’s quite capable and there’s a countless number of folks to blame before he’ll admit his own botched decisions and tweets.

Add this folderol to the accumulating pile of reasons why we must Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!