Miami Swim Week’s beauty looks

This season, Miami Swim Week’s beauty looks were all about natural and fresh looking beauty. For hair, there were lots of curls and slick ponytails. To help achieve those looks, Mia Marcella, hair specialist with Aveda, relied on Living Proof Style Lab products. This system fights against humidity and keeps your hair looking healthy. Chunky braids added a casual vibe to the collections on the runway. Marcella shared the following steps to help you achieve these glamorous yet natural looks.

  1. Start with clean, dry hair.

  2. Used a wand curling iron, such as the Aveda Thermal Curling Iron, with Aveda Thermal conditioner.

  3. Apply Aveda Thickening Tonic throughout the hair to make it appear thicker and show more texture.

  4. Rake fingers through hair to break up the curl.

  5. While braiding, braid in colorful fabric.

  6. Finish with Aveda Air Control.

At the KOAHS show, nails were created with yellow manicures that brought sunshine to the grunge looks. Here’s how the nail artists designed their looks.

  1. Remove old polish and file nails into shape with a Deco Miami Glass Nail File. For the show, nails were filed to medium to short lengths.

  2. Apply one coat of Deco Miami top/base coat.

  3. Apply one coat of Deco Miami Yellow, Tequila Sunshine. Allow to dry before adding a second coat to achieve full finish.