Lincoln Hospital Auxiliary celebrates hospital’s 175 years

The 2014 Lincoln Hospital Auxiliary Gala, held at Marina del Rey, brought together the largest number of Lincoln Medical Center staff and community organizations to pay tribute to its 823 nurses, compassionate and dedicated professionals whose courage and determination make them role models in the nursing industry.

Oct. 9 at Marina del Rey in the Bronx, the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation president, Ram Raju, MD, welcomed and inspired those attending by provoking “Lincoln’s storied past,” including its dedication to taking care of the most vulnerable in its mission in 1839. He also spoke about the importance of health care volunteerism as it impacts the health, stability and productivity of a community and commended the Auxiliary for its successful event.

Lincoln’s executive director, Milton Nunez, applauded all Lincoln nurses, saying, “Nursing has played a large role in Lincoln’s 175 year journey and helps us fulfill our mission from 1839 … to aid the ailing with dignity and compassion.”

Mary Murphy, WPIX investigative journalist and 21-time Emmy winner during a 30-year career, was the mistress of ceremonies. The two honorees were Elaine Stewart-Hylton, RN, BC, deputy director of nursing, who has worked at Lincoln for 42 years, and Evelyn Montecer, RN, MS, BC, the associate director of nursing education and research at Lincoln since 1980.

“We are proud to acknowledge our honorees for their untiring advocacy in the quest to save lives,” said Mirian L. Moses, RN, chair of the Lincoln Hospital Auxiliary. “They have made and continue to make significant contributions to society and to the health care industry.”

Proceeds from the event will benefit the Lincoln Medical Center’s Pediatric Play Rooms.


Three nurses with the birthday cake: honoree Evelyn Montecer, RN, Auxiliary chair; Mirian Moses, RN; and Elaine Stewart-Hylton, RN


Mary Murphy, an Emmy Award-winning investigative reporter with WPIX, and Milton Nunez, executive director of Lincoln Medical Center.